Sunday, 18 January 2015

Menu and shopping list for week - from Jan 06 edition of magazine.

  1. Pan fried fish with lemon, caper and avocado salad
  2. Turkey salad with chilli jam and toasted coconut
  3. Ham, bocconcini, artichoke and basil calzones
  4. Barbecued steaks with anchovy butter and potato salad
  5. Pork, apple and fennel salad with redcurrant dressing
Thoughts and ideas: 

My partner commented that he didn't find this menu piqued his interest much - and I wasn't sure as there were a lot of salads. 


We decided to skip getting the pre-roasted turkey, and use some chicken from our freezer. We find the roasted turkey in the deli tends to look a little fake, and lacks a little bit in texture.

Similarly, we also had some fish in our freezer to use instead of the red snapper.

We have plenty of ham on the bone sitting in the fridge that was bought on special post-Christmas.

My partner loves steaks, so buys a lot on special to freeze, so he was set for the steaks. I prefer small lean steaks, so we picked some of those up instead of what was on the list.

We tend to have a weakness for roast pork and crackling, so we picked up a small pork roast, rather than pre-roasted meat, and had a roast for dinner that night to use the leftover roast for the menu.

We only use extra virgin olive oil, so no need to pick up regular olive oil.

We had trouble finding any red currants, witlof, endive, radicchio, and kaffir lime leaves.

Shopping list:

·         Fennel Seeds
·         Coriander Seeds
·         Olive Oil
·         Extra Virgin Olive Oil
·         Peanut Oil
·         Dried Chilli Flakes
·         Fish Sauce
·         Caster Sugar
·         Red Wine Vinegar
·         Apple Cider Vinegar
·         Small Jar baby capers
·         Small packet shredded coconut
·         Palm sugar or brown sugar
·         1 pkt dried yeast
·         1kg packet bread flour
·         50g parmesan
·         18 cherry bocconcini
·         4 char-grilled artichokes
·         1 can anchovy fillets
·         50g butter
·         20 Kalamata olives
·         1 jar redcurrant jelly
Fruit & Vegetables
·         2 witlof
·         1 small curly endive
·         1 small radicchio
·         1 avocado
·         5 lemons
·         1 orange
·         1/2 white cabbage or 1 mini cabbage
·         2 bunches mint
·         2 bunches coriander
·         8 kaffir lime leaves
·         3 shallots
·         1 bulb garlic
·         4 limes
·         100g baby rocket
·         1 vine ripened tomato
·         1 bunch basil
·         1 small Spanish onion
·         400g kipfler potatoes
·         2 bunches flat leaf parsley
·         1 pink lady apple
·         2 small bulbs fennel, with fronds
·         1 bunch watercress
·         1 punnet redcurrants (or frozen)
·         4 x 200g snapper fillets
·         200g roast turkey
·         150g piece ham
·         4 x 250g Scotch Fillets
·         75g roast pork crackling and 200g roast pork

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